Sitting in front of my computer, writing on this first RHEUM MANTRA edition, I was trying to recollect stories of my patients seen all throughout past eleven years of my practice, and one thing I could find common in almost all the versions from the patients was that one word “STRESS”.

It is said that “for each and every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. So is very much true for our body also. Our body also lets out things it receives from outside. As we eat we excrete, as we drink we urinate. So is also true for any kind of external harsh stimulus hitting the body. The body reacts. Just as when one would get a pin prick the initial reaction is taking away the finger and may be a voice saying “ouch”. In this fraction of a second the body has acted in two ways, removing the finger and a voice from within. Same happens when one faces physical and mental stress as ongoing long term basis. The body reacts!! Either your Blood pressure rises, or your sugar level or your PAIN!! Mind you, every pain has a purpose, it indicates something and it is on us to understand what it is depicting.

Most of the arthritis it is noted that they begin in young females after delivery or in middle aged women around the time of menopause. These two phases are thought to be most vulnerable phases in the life of a female and most stressful as well. This is the time when the arthritis is triggered. This is not all, any prolonged illness, major surgery or trauma can also trigger arthritis. More than this even during any kind of severe mental stress, the body can react with joint pains and muscle pains which can become permanent and stay as one or the other type of arthritis in the body.
So keep in mind that “STRESS SE PAIN KA CONNECTION” is very much true and one must listen to one’s body and seek proper and urgent consultation for the same.

I’ll discuss more on this in the coming weeks. So keep a watch on this space for more to come in the coming weeks and share with as many people as you can to spread awareness about RHEUMATISM.

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